Wildfire Wins Slots

Would you like to search for some Wildfire Wins online today? There's a slot game waiting for you if you do, and as we recently discovered, it has a lot of potential to share. We decided to take it for a spin to bring you all the facts and features laid out in this slot game review.

Who came up with this slot game idea?

You could say this is a partnership slot, as it was created by the minds at Microgaming and Just for the Win.

Demo access has been provided

You should begin with this version as it lets you find out more about the game and how various aspects of it work.

What's the theme?

The theme in action in Wildfire Wins is, of course, fire. This doesn't really give you much to play with, although there are lots of fiery symbols around. The background doesn't factor into things, but we think you'll enjoy what's happening on the unusual reel set more than anything else.

Design elements in Wildfire Wins

The design doesn't do much that we haven't seen before, but it does enough to give you an eye-catching game to play. There are letters and numbers in play, and some classic symbols too, such as golden bells.

Let's get underway and spin Wildfire Wins into action

You might have guessed this slot would have five reels. It also has five icons on each of those reels, so it's an innovative slot in that sense. You won't see a progressive jackpot in play.

The wild says WILD, so you can easily spot this in action. It can appear in stacks too, which is useful. They're available to land on all the reels as well.

Paylines in action in this slot game

You've got an impressive set of 50 lines in this one.

Will this suit your bet level?

We all have our preferences in the betting stakes. If you want to play at the lowest end of the scale, you're looking at 20 cents per spin. If you max things out over all the lines, you're going to wager $25 per spin.

Paytable information is crucial here

You'll soon realize that the letters and numbers in action in this game can arrive on the reels as standard symbols, but they could also arrive in flames. This is just one of the things you'll learn if you read the paytable before you play - and that's something we suggest you do.

Bonus Wildfire Wheels

You must find three bonus icons in the same spin to get through to the Wildfire Wheels round. There are three wheels available, with each one getting progressively better than the one before it. The idea is to see how many prizes you can get from the first reel before you either hit the level-up portion, which takes you up to the next wheel, or the collect portion, which ends the round.

Whenever you finish, you take away the total amount collected to that point. If you reach another wheel, you can expect better prizes. The final wheel contains several bigger prizes, and the largest one of all is a huge 10,000x your bet.

Free spins are replaced by respins

The idea is to find a winning combination of low-value icons where one or more of those icons have flames on them. If this happens, you'll see all winning fiery symbols changed into sticky wilds. There is a chance that you could land more fiery symbols that change in the same way. The respins continue for as long as this occurs, and you can get a prize from them. If you manage to land all the fiery symbols you possibly can, another respin is given with a random multiplier in play.

The RTP just hits the ideal level

Anything ranking at 96% or higher is a good return to player percentage in the world of slots. This game reaches 96.1%, so it hits the mark in this area.

Our rating for Wildfire Wins slots

This is a superb game, and it features some notable elements.

What's the best prize you could get?

Winning smaller prizes is always going to be easier, but if you managed to land the best of all, you'd scoop an amazing 10,000x your bet. This is the prize cropping up as the biggest segment on the largest wheel in the bonus round.

Try this one as a demo game first

If you're not quite sure whether Wildfire Wins is right for you, make sure you load the demo version first.

Would you like to play for real in the Wildfire Wins slot game?

If you would, you can find it at any casino that carries the Microgaming array of slots.

Is it available on mobile too?

You bet, so fans of Android slots and iOS slot games are fine to play this one as well.