Gemini Joker Slots

Gemini Joker is a slot machine game that can best be described as a kind of trippy. The background of the game looks like something out of a fun house, with distorted floors, and vibrant colors. There is also a joker peering from behind the machine to look at you, There are a lot of different ways to win with this machine, so make sure to check out the instruction booklet before going for your first spin. There aren't a lot of features in this game compared to others, but it is still a very unique experience. The music for this machine is relatively soft, and kind of adds a weird charm. The colors are a little overwhelming at times, but others will probably appreciate the vibrant colors that the designers chose

Some users will enjoy Gemini Joker and others won't

Once you familiarize yourself with the joker's palace, you'll start to realize the name of the game is relatively simple. The first thing you need to know is that the minimum bet is 0.10 cents and the maximum bet is $10.00 The max payout for Gemini Joke is 1700x the max bet, which comes to 170 at the minimum bet and a whopping 17,000 with the maximum bet. While this is a little bit lower than other machines on the internet, it is a low-risk situation for gamblers looking to have some fun. If you are looking for a major payout that will blow your mind though, this probably isn't the machine for you. If you want a more hands-free experience, the game does offer a pretty detailed auto-play feature that allows users to determine how many spins they want to do, how much money on each spin, and the option to stop when you hit a jackpot. The machine also offers an option to stop auto spin if you lose too much money. Make sure to check back from time to time to see how the game is going if you do play auto-spin though.

What you need to know before you play Gemini Joker slots

before pressing the spin button understand that the game has an RTP( Return to player) of 96.51. That might not be the highest on the internet, but it gives a nice possibility of a payout. The game is also relatively new, debuting in April of this year. Another thing users need to know is that malfunction or time out on the machine's part will void any winnings. This is standard with almost any casino machine game on the internet and is something to be aware of. Finally, make sure to gamble responsibility and have fun with this one!