Book of Helios Slots

Book of Helios is a slot machine game that takes on you an adventure through ancient times. The game begins with a loading screen that tells you about the Book of Helios. If you happen to find the book during regular play and open it, you could win one of the biggest jackpots currently online Once you load the game, you are met with a 5×3 slot machine and a backdrop that looks much like a dungeon. This comes complete with cobblestone paths, horse statues, and various other macabre aesthetics. As always, make sure to hit the information button on the left side of the screen to learn more about the game. That will help you understand how to trigger the features, your odds of hitting the jackpot, and even the volatility of the machine.

It's all about the jackpot in Hook of Helios

It's no secret that jackpots have a way of bringing users out of the woodwork for the big payday and that is exactly what Book of helios is offering here. In fact, between their promised jackpot of 20.168, if you open the sacred book and a maxium bet of 20.00, there is ample opportunity to go jackpot hunting. Even if you don't hit the big prize, the game offers a great risk versus reward ratio with its extra features. This includes free spins, big payoffs, and other fun events that will have you hooked. Unlike other slot machine games, Book of Helios offers a legitimate jackpot that is worth a few hours of time. For example, if you don't happen to get lucky enough to see three sacred texts on your reel, one or two of them will multiply your winnings for a spin. The books pay dividends whether it's just one, two, or even all three of them!

Nuts and bolts of Book of Helios

One thing users will enjoy about this machine is the short spin length. It allows you to not feel like each spin is tedious and offers just enough time to get excited about your possible winnings. There's just that build-up and cathartic release every time you hit an interesting payday. The game also offers different animations based on what you trigger, which keeps you on your feet for the duration of play. The game also has an auto spin feature, allowing you to step away from the play as the jackpots either rack up or dwindle. Be warned that you might miss the epic animations that are triggered when you win, which is something you are not going to want to miss at first.