Incan Rich Slots

Incan rich slots is a machine game created by Rival Gaming that can only be described as a different kind of experience for users. Not only is that evident by their reel setup, but also by their warm vibrant colors. Upon loading the game, you will be met with a loading screen that tells you how to get the jackpot and how to win free spins After taking a lot at that, you are then transported to what looks like a pyramid-style slot machine. The actual layout is described as a 3-4-5-4-3 board with 720 bet ways. The layout is that of a beautiful Incan temple plastered in gold with a little friend to the left side. As always, make sure to click the information button to be aware of all the different ins and outs with this particular game.

No jackpot, but some very interesting features with Incan Rich Slots

Unfortunately for those hoping to go jackpot hunting, that's not going to be a worthwhile experience. The game doesn't offer a jackpot and every other review lists the max payout as N/A. Despite that though, the game does have a lot of interesting features and modes to enjoy. One of them is the idol selection mini-game, which allows players to pick an ancient idol in hopes of winning an extra prize! At the very least, it is a distraction from the main game for a second and fits them quite nicely. Another thing that players are going to want to know about is the free spin feature. These are triggered by three drop icons that can fall on the board at any time to award you free spins. The mode can also be retriggered during the mode, making every free spin a must-watch.

Breaking down the features of Incan Rich Slots

Incan Rich slots do offer a few more fun feature that makes the game a little more exciting than your run-of-the-mill machine. The first is the double-up feature that allows users to bet double or half on a single spin. That's right! If you're brave enough and want to go all-in, this game allows you to do that. If you would rather play a conservative strategy and try to make out with some quick money. You can do that too. Incan Rich Slots offers something a little different for everyone. Players also get the opportunity to bet between 0.20 cents and 50 dollars on each spin, giving them a lot of betting control. Whether it is by the machine's unique design or the fun features that keep people playing, it's a lot of fun!