Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon Slots

Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon Slots is a slot machine game developed by Rival Gaming that invites you to channel your inner wolf. The game starts off on a loading screen that informs you of some of the machine's special features. One of these is the dream catcher, which allows the users to spin a wheel! After clicking play, the user is given a neat little light show in the artic tundra before the 5 reel game is revealed. There is a moon in the background that looks ominously over the machine. Almost like its presence is what's driving you to click the spin button. Interestingly enough, the minimum bet is only 25 cents per spin, making it a great starting game for newbies! As always, make sure to look for the information page on the game to get an idea of the features and payouts the machine offers.

720 different ways to win and the ability to make big bets.

It's no secret that some people like to play a little more conservatively when it comes to gambling, but there are also those that want to live dangerously. Those that want to put a big stack of cash in the machine and let fate have its way with the game. For those high rollers, there is a 62.50 dollar max bet, which could make for some pretty good payouts. The other side of that however is the fact that the game only offers a 94. RTP, meaning its payout is lower than others. Despite that low RTP, the game has a ranking of four out of five stars and seems like a very immersive experience for gamers. The machine even offers 720 different ways to win, making for a breathtaking experience on every spin.

Free spins and multipliers are the only features in Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon Slots

Mythic Wolf Sacred Moon Slots isn't a bad game. The graphics look a little hokey at times, the animations aren't the greatest, and the theme isn't used to its full potential, but it is still a fun time. Unfortunately for those looking for something a little extra with this machine, there are only two special features available. These would be the multiplier feature, which will multiply potential winnings on a line and free spin mode. If free spin mode is triggered, users will be rewarded with either 8.12 or 20 free spins to enjoy! That's a pretty generous amount of free spins and could be an extra incentive to stick around for a while. Just understand going in that there won't be an abundance of features. Just a few features tagged along with a pretty solid slot machine game.