Rhino Rilla Rex Slots

Rhino Rilla Rex Slots is a game developed by Sweet Tooth studio that offers something a little different to users. The game has a sort of dinosaur theme and there are plenty of monsters to collect. In fact, the game offers a Rhino prize, a rilla prize, a rex prize, and the jackpot, the Rhino Rilla Rex prize, which will keep gamers playing for hours. The jackpots are referred to as beast prizes and each prize's progress can be seen on the left side of the screen. If a user triggers the right combination, the correlating color will add money to the prize jackpot. The game actually offers 3125 bet ways, and a maximum win of x5000 the bet placed per spin. For example, a bet of 0.25 cents would net a jackpot of 1250 dollars. A bet of 25.00 on the other hand, will yield a jackpot of 125,000 dollars. The game has an RTP of 96%, and high volatility, which can be frustrating at times, and was released in April of 2022. As always, make sure to read the instructions section of the game to get yourself familiar with the machine.

Meet the super beast Rhino Rilla Rex

Rhino Rilla Rex Slots offers a variety of different monsters to find on the board. These give users an added challenge to their game and a chance to find the Super Beast, Rhino Rilla Rex. This can be done by finding the other beasts and combining them on the game board. If you manage to do this, you will win the Rhino Rilla Rex jackpot, which will increase during regular play. While this is far from Pokemon or RPG monster hunting, the added notion of looking for beasts makes this game a little bit more fun than others. It is actually something that keeps user players hoping to try to find one of the more powerful monsters.

Rhino Rilla Rex Slots has low user ratings

Although Rhino Rilla Rex Slots might seem like something worth trying, especially with the progressive jackpot system the game has, the relatively low winning combinations stop the game from being anything special. The tiles simply pay out too little and trying to build up the beast meter is too cumbersome for a simple playthrough. The graphics and artwork used in this game are interesting and do have their moments. The animations are a nice touch and the titles are uniquely made. The problem however is that there's not much beyond that. The jackpots are difficult to achieve most of the time and what they do give you isn't enough. You can play the game on your phone though, which might make a good time waster under the right circumstances.