Magical Reels Slots

Magical Reels slots is a machine game that will entice you with bright colors, pleasant music, and a hefty jackpot. The first thing you need to know is that the books are scatts and will multiply your winnings on certain spins. The game also is unique in that it has a star meter for each item on the game board. These allow you to accumulate free spins, which eventually could multiply a winning into something even bigger! Once you do and decide to empty the board, your next spin will automatically trigger the board and you will collect random rewards! As for the star meters. As for your reward with the meter, you earn five free spins if you get all the stars in a certain category. This feature keeps you playing, whether it is for a bonus, the jackpot, or even a few free spins while your bank account recovers

Magical Reels slots are a very interesting risk versus reward proposition to think about.

Magical reel slots dosen't seem to have a reason to stop spinning. Filling a level meter will net you five free spins, books work as scatters, and there's always that jackpot hanging around for the taking. The only downside to this game is the fact that you can only bet a dollar per spin, which is kind of disappointing with all the opportunities there would be to win big! With that being said, this makes the game a pretty low risk compared to higher-priced machines. Furthermore, something is always happening in this game and helping to get your bank total back up!

This game is a very visually pleasing and fun to play

Magical reel slots are no ordinary game. if that wasn't already abundantly clear by their interesting features, it becomes crystal clear when you look at the visuals of this game. While you are met with a cobblestone background and a pretty dreary backdrop at first, you are eventually illuminated by the glow of the potions and the animations of the game. The lighting of the star meters is also visually pleasing and has you looking in excitement as you wait for the next batch of free spins. What could be the cherry on top of a game like this you might be asking yourself? That feature comes when you get to press the giant gold wand and watch it cast spells on the board to earn you more money!